TPMS Tools

Below you will find links to all our TPMS Tool products. Follow the "Read More" links to specific information on each product

TPMS Programming Tools

  • Professional ATEQ Tool
  • Includes OBDII Module
  • Built to live in harsh shop environment 
  • ReLearn procedure Instructions built into tool
  • Large Color Screen
  • Free Annual Updates For AirTech Customers
  • (Note: If you own Ateq VT55 or VT56 ask about free future updates)
  • Easy Update System

OBDii Modules

  • You can buy modules with Tools in Kits or you can purchase seperately.
  • This module is used, on vehicles that require a OBDii connection to perform the relearn procedure required on some model vehicles.
  • The highest OBDii coverage in the industry for Sensor branded tools.
  • New vehicles addid to OBDii every 2 months.
  • While every car has a OBDii port, not all use it for TPMS ReLearns.  Our tool informs you when needed.

Hand Tools

These Shop Quality hand tools, make servicing TPMS much easier

  • T10 & T20 Long Shaft Torx Bits
  • Stubby Ratcheting Screwdrivers
  • Preset Torque Wrenches