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This is a series of On-Demand videos covering the needs of our RTS customers.

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A series of videos that set a foundation for more advanced videos. Current titles include:

  • RTS 101.1 - You, TPMS And Your Customer
  • RTS 101.2 - What You Need To Work With Programmable TPMS

  • RTS 101.3 - Choices, What Is The Bottom Line For Your TPMS Solution

Best Shop Practices

Best Shop Practices: A series of videos related to programmable sensors.

  • Best Shop Practices: For All Tire Stores working with TPMS
  • Best Shop Practices: Special practices when working with Programmable Sensors.

Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting: A series of videos related to best trouble shooting techniques for any TPMS vehicle.

Myth Busters

It seems like every week, we hear a customer say something that is based totally on Myth rather than reality.  This is a fun (and sometimes serious) category, that simply sets the record straight. Enjoy....

Marketing TPMS

TPMS Marketing.  To many shops, simply ignore this topic... to their peril.   There is a lot of simple marketing opportunities for RTS to increase their future sales.  We put a lot of effort in this area.  Not only with marketing materials and programs, but these videos to reinforce their efforts.